I've had a german shepherd ever since I was a young girl.  When our boys were teenagers we happened into our first hobby kennel by accident.  We thought we'd have just a litter or two and they were so popular that soon we had a whole crew of dogs!  We were so proud of the stories that came back to us, time and time again, how the puppies were loyal, saving lives and making their new owners proud.  We have stories to share!

All our dogs are AKC registered and all litters will be AKC registered as well. Maggie is from West German Lineage. There are numerous European Championship titles in her pedigree. Maggie is so loyal and such a good protector; she may be the smartest GSD I've every owned!  Shadow is also from European lineage and has such a sweet temperament, and has such beautiful red coloring already!  Her daddy is a working police dog!  Welcome our new male, "Shooter". Our puppies are definitely suitable for working dog assignments as well as family and special needs companionship.  

With Puppy Love,


Lady Margaret 


Moon Shadow


Maggie & Shadow 

Shooter - 3 mos old

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