Diamonds of the Midnight Sky Kennel is named after our first hobby kennel "The Midnight Sky"  - because we were raising all black German Shepherds (GSDs) and the midnight sky is also black!  Our new kennel is named in memory of those beautiful dogs and now with all our dogs bring to our new adventure, we are excited to offer quality GSDs!  These dogs are truly diamonds of the most beautiful kind! AKC registered German Shepherds. We are proud to be part of the Preferred Breeders Club featured in  Dogster Magazine. 




                                                  A German Shepherd is known to be                                                 

                                                  one of the top three most intelligent breeds. 

                                                  Testimonies from past purchasers of our puppies certainly confirm that!

We believe a family atmosphere promotes their natural

tendency to care for and love their human pack!         

We raise our dogs 

- and their puppies - 

with the family. 

   (Even the Grandbabies!)   

A Boy and his Dog!

Diamonds of the Midnight Sky Kennel       Brent & Jill Hunstad                                    Office: 262-696-9100                   Local:  970-620-4592