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 Hi, I'm Jill and I love German Shepherds!  That's

 why we decided to reopen our "Hobby Kennel". 

 We've raised GSDs before and had so much fun

 placing beautiful puppies in good homes, we want 

 to do it again! We are starting with Max & Maggie's 

 puppies. We are proud to offer world class AKC

 registered German Shepherd puppies raised in a

 family environment. 


 Sir Maximillian and Lady Margaret were chosen carefully for their breeding   quality. Both are from West German champion lineage. Every dog behind   them is a European Champion.  


                                                                   Max is a "plush coat" and is registered as a

                                                                  "red".  Although Maggie also has some                                                                                "reds" in her pedigree, she is registered as a

                                                                   black & tan; but is  showing some beautiful

                                                                   red coloring.  Both want to please us with all

                                                                   their   heart - and we love them so! 

                                                                  Their puppies are gorgeous! Max & Maggie 

                                                                  are wonderful companions to us and I am

                                                                  sure they will pass all their charming

                                                                  attributes on to their puppies. 

 Already we are hearing from new owners how

 quickly the puppies are learning and what

 sweet temperments they have!  We'll post

 pictures as they grow, so visit our website often!


 We welcome another "red" female (Shadow) into 

 the kennel family and she is sweet as can be -!-

Diamonds of the Midnight Sky Kennel                       Brent & Jill Hunstad    

        Office:  262-696-9100        Local:  970620-4592