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Hi, I'm Jill and I love German Shepherds. I have had them since I was a little girl. They are wonderful companions, family members and protectors.  All our dogs are AKC registered and have been OFA Certified. 

Lady Margaret is our experienced Dam.  She makes the very best momma!  She cares for

her puppies diligently and loves them dearly.  We are proud to breed her loyal and caring heart into puppies to be placed in good homes. 

Moon Shadow ("Shadow") is our sweet, loving second female.  Shadow is in the process of learning her basic obedience classes and on target to become a hospital visitation dog.  She is so loving and caring, and it will be wonderful to breed her once she has passed her OFA Certification next year.  

Diamonds of the Midnight Sky Kennel                       Brent & Jill Hunstad    

        Office:  262-696-9100        Local:  970-620-4592